General Conditions



These terms and conditions apply to all training and further education offered by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). They are superior to any other terms and conditions, and in particular to all conditions of purchase of the customer. No other text becomes legally effective unless agreed in written form and signed by one representative of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

Rates for training and further education

The indicated prices relate to external training and further education. They are valid for the current year. The participation fees per person are exclusive of VAT (VAT 3%); they include study materials, refreshments and – in case of an event lasting one entire or several days – lunch.

Terms of payment

The “LIST Training Centre – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology” has to be indicated as recipient of the payment. Information required is the company name, name/s of the participant/s and the invoice number. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.


For payments by credit card, an invoice is issued and sent to the customer.

If not paid by credit card or another method of payment accepted by Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, invoices are due within 30 days as of the invoice issue date. In the event of a default of payment by the customer, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technologr is entitled to suspend its cooperation informally and without prior notice. Rates and tariffs indicated on the invoice are those valid at the invoicing date.

All works that were started and having the unambiguous approval of the customer must be paid without objection due to a potentially missing purchase order or contract. In case of partial disagreement on an invoice, the customer has to pay the unobjected part of the invoice by the due date.

Invoicing in case of non-participation

In case of non-participation in a conference, and which was not communicated to the secretariat of the “LIST Training Centre” by e-mail or fax until the day before the conference, the invoice will be issued in full.

Specific cancellation policies may apply for certain conferences. In this case, this will be specified in the description of the event.

Fax: +352 275 885

Qualifying training will be invoiced 100% if the participation was not cancelled at the secretariat of the “LIST Training Centre” by e-mail or fax at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Fax: +352 275 885

For some training and further education (specific information is given in the description of each course), the following cancellation policy applies:

Free cancellation: at least 15 working days prior to the event.

After this deadline, the following percentage of the registration fee will be charged:

  • Cancellation between the fourteenth and eighth working day before the course: 25%
  • Cancellation between the seventh and third working day before the course: 50%
  • Cancellation between the second and the last working day before the course begins: 100%


Up to 24 hours before the event, the customer can replace the person registered by another person of his choice at no extra cost. In this case, the conditions described in the offer apply and the “LIST Training Centre” is to be informed in writing.

However, replacing one participant by another during an ongoing training or further education is not possible.

Cancellation of an event

We reserve the right to cancel an event if the number of registered participants is not sufficient or if the trainer is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology will contact all registered persons and inform them as to whether the event will be postponed to a later date or the already effected payment will be refunded in full.

Safety note

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology uses modern and reliable technologies for the transmission, processing and storage of data. For online payment processes your personal data will be transmitted in encrypted form. The security of the online payment system is ensured by CETREL. Transaction data (such as the card number) will not be transferred through the website and will not at any moment be stored there.

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology has chosen CETREL to ensure online payments by credit card. The validity of a customer’s credit card is verified by CETREL. A credit card may be declined for several reasons: stolen card, blocked card, credit limit exceeded, input errors, etc. In case of any problems, the customer has to contact his bank as well as the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

Intellectual property on contents

The content of lectures held by employees of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology is their exclusive property. Therefore, any, even partial reuse or modification of these contents, regardless of occasion or purpose, needs explicit prior approval of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

Protection of personal data

According to the amended Law of 2 August 2002 related to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, each participant has the rights of access, of rectification and of opposi¬tion of his data. To exercise this right, please contact the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (Tel. +352 275 288 1,


The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology does not assume any liability towards the customer for direct or indirect damages resulting from the performance of the training and education, from the conduct of registered participants, and after leaving the venue.

The customer assumes responsibility for the participant’s compliance with these conditions.


The participant of the event (training or conference) assures having a personal liability insurance which has entered into force prior to the event and which covers its entire duration. He also assures that this personal liability insurance covers damage to persons or property as well as any direct or indirect immaterial damage caused by his actions to third parties.

Resolving Disputes

In the case that a dispute cannot be settled amicably, all legal disputes concerning the interpretation and application of this agreement are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Luxembourg.


The data provided in the registration form will be used for the name tag and for invoicing. Any request to change the billing address or the company name, which is made after issuing the first invoice, will be charged the amount of 50.00 EUR, VAT excluded, for additional costs occurring.

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