Prof HUIART is expert in public health, epidemiology as well as methodology and statistics for clinical research and has a special interest in oncology.

After a MD, with a specialty in Public Health (Paris and Mc Gill University Canada), she then obtained a PhD in 2013 in clinical research and public health.  She received her HDR in 2014.  She worked as a clinician-researcher for 8 years at Institut Paoli-Calmettes, a regional comprehensive cancer center in Marseille (France). She then went to the University Hospital of Reunion Island where she became the head of center of methodology and statistics, and the director of the clinical epidemiology center (INSERM) at University Hospital of Reunion Island.

She is currently Director of the Department of Population Health at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. The Department of Population Health (DoPH) is an interdisciplinary department that focuses on research in epidemiology, public health and clinical research across a wide range of fields. The department also provides expertise and national surveillance data that are used to develop informed clinical and public health guidelines in Luxembourg and internationally.

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