Dr. Djamel KHADRAOUI, Head of Trusted Service Systems Research Unit, LIST.

The current research activities of Dr. Khadraoui are centered on the concept of Trusted Service Systems. These systems can be physical infrastructures (buildings, roads, vehicles, drones, etc.) but they are also more and more IT infrastructures like data centers, networks, clouds, etc. It is important to collect and manage data about the functioning of these infrastructures in order to guarantee the quality of the delivered services. This is the role of service systems to transform these data in information and decisions guaranteeing the alignment of the infrastructures with the business services delivered. Examples of such systems include: Supply chains, Mobility systems, ICT systems and communication networks, Remote manufacturing, Space Systems, etc.

The Trusted Service Systems research activities will be dealing with the design, the security and the optimisation of service systems enabled by data-intensive infrastructures engineering and aligned with the creation of business impact. The actual research activities will target the following research areas:

  • Data Intensive systems with a focus on the processes, the science and the platforms of big data.
  • Security, Privacy and Resilient Critical Infrastructures with a focus on data privacy and security, cybersecurity and information security management.
  • Operations and supply chain optimisation with a focus on data optimisation and requirements, operations optimisation, and sustainable supply chains.
  • Enterprise Modelling, Value Creation and Reliable Infrastructures.

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